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morros Serena del Mar
morros park piscinas

morros is certified by Best Place to Live

After more than three decades, thanks to a committed team that works flawlessly in every detail, this boutique construction company specialized in beach resort-type projects has achieved evolution in all stages of service: pre-sale, construction, delivery, and after-sales. This has been distinguished with an important recognition such as Best Place to Live.

This distinction is the result of evaluation by clients of the entire process, from the moment they make the purchase until they inhabit it and can confirm that everything promised has been fulfilled satisfactorily by the construction company. This guarantees that they are projects that take care of all stages of service, to give customers the best experience and the best product.

morros park parque

This certification is born with the idea of ​​helping thousands of buyers who want to choose the best option in the market, so they can have an objective evaluation by other buyers about the experience they have had with certain projects. This facilitates the decision-making process.

"This new achievement reflects the evolution we have had over the years in many ways. It has been a whole story of evolution in architecture, in forms, colors, textures, spaces, technological tools, among many other factors, and now we have also achieved it in service; always seeking that those who inhabit our condominiums, recreate their own family moments, that they last over time, and that the projects achieve high appreciation," comments Rodrigo Puente, promoter of the morros.